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If you have thought about a sales career or currently hold a sales position, the Personal Performance Profile™ is for you.

This self-assessment profile is highly effective in identifying how your inherent characteristics will influence your success. The result is a comprehensive development plan that can lead to improvements in your overall sale performance.

This profile is right for you if you are considering a sales career, currently in a sales career and looking to improve your personal performance, or a manager required to play a business development role.

Use the Performance Pro™ to understand your strengths and leverage them to create a successful sales career strategy and development plan.


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What Does Performance Pro™ Do?

  • Identifies the key characteristics that influence sales success
  • Recommends a sales career strategy
  • Suggests a development plan to address any competency gaps

What Does the Performance Pro™ Assess?

  • Key inherent characteristics
  • Sales environments to look for and avoid
  • Type of approach to acquire new customers
  • Key career motivators
  • Need for structure and systems
  • Interest in learning
  • Managing rejection
  • Prospecting orientation
  • Commitment to product/service
  • Commitment to an opportunity requiring sales

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