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The Stress Pro™ is a motivating, online stress management system based on decades of research. This innovative self-discovery tool will help you develop and maintain a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Use the Stress Pro™ to become a more vital, effectively healthy self-manager of the stress and satisfaction in your life.

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What Does Stress Pro™ Do?

  • Provides feedback on personal vitality strengths
  • Creates an individual action plan to sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • Highlights recommendations for balancing personal and professional lifestyle demands
  • Provides personalized feedback and a lifestyle planning system that highlights strengths and growth opportunities
  • Suggests strategies and techniques for personal growth
  • Maximizes Return on Energy (ROE)
  • Includes a “Top Priorities Report” and a “Full Report” to facilitate lifestyle planning
  • Balance sheet approach includes Personal Vitality Index, Work-Life Balance Index, and Work Engagement Index
  • Compares individual scores to over 190,000 adults on 12 key resilience factors
  • Is available online 24/7
  • Includes a complimentary, personalized diagnostic

Develop a Plan to Balance Personal and Professional Demands

The Stress Pro™ provides a roadmap for an individual to balance personal and professional commitments by increasing available energy for critical personal, family, and professional priorities.

The vitality snapshot highlighted in the written report outlines an action plan to manage existing stress factors and satisfaction.

Our research has shown that “burn-out” is a perceived poor return on energy. As a result, the Stress Pro™ combined with our PLUS™ (Personal Longevity Under Stress) course has proven to be an effective process for preventing burn-out and the reoccurrence of any previous stress issues.

Visit our dedicated website for wellness and lifestyle tools, StressToday.

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