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The Customer Care Pro™ is a normative psychometric profile designed for the selection, training, and coaching of people for customer service, hospitality, and other roles that require first-rate client/customer relationship management.

Use the Customer Care Pro™ to help select and retain top performing service professionals.

What Does the Customer Care Pro™ Do?

  • Helps recruit and select high potential candidates for all customer care roles
  • Can be customized and validated for specific cultures
  • Identifies strengths and growth opportunities
  • Provides interview suggestions tailored to each candidate
  • Provides coaching and development suggestions
  • Provides management with strategic information
  • Provides self-coaching feedback to the candidate (an important component of succession and strategic planning)

What Does the Customer Care Pro™ Assess?

  • Service competencies
  • Sales and business growth potential
  • Decision making, loyalty, and approach to structure and supervision
  • Character traits and relevant attitudes
  • Emotional awareness of self and others (emotional intelligence)
  • Success factors such as self-management, motivation, comfort with conflict, confidence, and lifestyle management
  • Listening style and approach to networking

Other factors such as education, recruiting sources, regional differences, and other demographics can be collected during the hiring process.

Selecting and Retaining Top Performing Customer Care Staff

The Customer Care Pro™ is designed to help select, develop, and retain top performing customer care people who will be effective in building a profitable service organization and repeat business.

This tool has been used successfully in a variety of service roles, including:

  • Call centers
  • Help desks
  • Retail
  • Customer service kiosks

With Customer Care Pro™, your organization can build predictive models for various customer care cultures and study relevant success factors in each role. It provides the basis for creating norms for organizations and allows for benchmarking against top service cultures.

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