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EQ Pro™ is a normative assessment tool that measures the critical dimensions of emotional intelligence (EQ).

This tool uses advanced statistical methods to assess the ability to recognize and manage one’s own emotions as well as the feelings of others. It is an excellent complement to our other predictive psychometric assessments.

Employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of emotional intelligence as a major factor in workplace success. Our Emotional Quotient Profile makes it easy to select and develop high EQ individuals.

Use the EQ Pro™ to assess an individual’s ability to process emotional information and apply the information effectively.

What Does the EQ Pro™ Do?

  • Adds predictive power to most selection tools
  • Is proven to be more predictive of performance than IQ
  • Assesses the ability to process emotional information
  • Provides a detailed report on strengths and growth opportunities
  • Effective for team building
  • Assesses empathy
  • Useful for resolving interpersonal conflict
  • Assists with matching individuals and teams

What Does the EQ Pro™ Measure?

  • Self-awareness: Mood labeling of emotions.
  • Mood Monitoring: Amount of energy used to monitor emotions.
  • Self-control: Control over impulses and desires.
  • Managing Emotional Influences: Understanding the emotions of others (empathy).
  • Social Judgement: Appropriate decisions in social situations.

Selecting and Developing Employees with EQ Pro™

A thoroughly validated assessment tool, the EQ Pro™ has been effective for selecting and developing a variety of groups, including sales, service, management, leaders, and executives. Empathy and sound judgement are essential characteristics, particularly for top leaders.

The factors this tool measures have proven to be essential for helping managers manage people and for understanding interpersonal relationships.

The EQ Pro™ can be customized and benchmarked for all positions and all levels within an organization.

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