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The Franchise Pro™ is a validated assessment tool developed specifically for franchise operations. It provides strategic insight to help select franchisees who are most likely to be successful and provides reports on the traits and attitudes shown to be relevant to success in operating various types of franchises.

When benchmarked and used as part of a selection process, the Franchise Pro™ helps corporate decision makers ensure they are getting the right franchisee.

What Does the Franchise Pro™ Do?

  • Predicts franchisee performance
  • Predicts the amount of Head Office support required
  • Predicts adherence to franchise system
  • Identifies the candidate’s preferred franchise environment
  • Highlights partnership orientation, service orientation, and people orientation
  • Assesses entrepreneurial vs intrapreneurial traits
  • Assesses major motivators
  • Is validated and benchmarked specifically for franchise organizations
  • Provides customized interview questions
  • Includes training and coaching suggestions
  • Can be customized for your specific needs
  • Includes our complimentary Profile Administration Center (PAC)

Franchisee Performance and Retention Prediction

The Franchise Pro™ was developed through extensive validation procedures to predict the performance and retention of franchisees. Through ongoing validation, we have customized the prediction formula for each of our clients to select candidates who fit with their organization’s culture and management team.

Based on our advanced psychometric engine, this tool has been used to effectively predict performance in most major market segments, including:

  • Food services
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Customer service
  • Healthcare

Invest in the best fit candidates who will generate excellent returns to the franchisor and enhance the corporate brand.

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