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The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) has been used for recruiting and selecting sales people for over 35 years.

The predictive model of the POP™ is based on a database of over 10 million assessments and has evolved through 7 editions to be one of the world’s leading sales employee selection tools. It is the instrument of choice for many of the most competitive salesforces and it has been proven effective in predicting both performance and retention.

The POP™ has been validated in a wide variety of sales cultures worldwide and its unique predictor Score (PS) provides an extremely accurate prediction of top performance.

Use the POP™ for selecting sales candidates for roles that require business developers who can prospect and generate sales.

What Does the POP ™ Do?

  • Predicts performance and retention
  • Measures essentials of self-management and prospecting
  • Assesses achievement motivation and closing style
  • Measures independence and the ideal work environment
  • Is statistically validated using each organization’s unique performance criteria
  • Includes interview suggestions
  • Includes developmental suggestions and assists in performance coaching
  • Matches individual contributors to managers
  • Provides a snapshot of sales management
  • Provides candidate feedback
  • Includes extensive post-hire feedback for both managers and candidates
  • Builds specific predictor score for specific sales roles
  • Provides an assessment of cultural fit
  • Is available online in 24 languages

The POP™ Provides Comprehensive Candidate Reports

The POP™ provides sales management with feedback, interview suggestions, retention strategies, and coaching suggestions on a candidate’s:

  • Prospecting potential
  • Business development
  • Achievement motivation
  • Closing style
  • Need for structure and coach-ability
  • People orientation
  • Analytical factual (fluid intelligence)
  • Self-confidence
  • Managing call reluctance
  • Comfort with conflict
  • Stress coping
  • Listening style
  • Essentials of self-management

The POP™ also provides each candidate with an overview of strengths and career counselling on what to seek and what to avoid in the ideal career paths.

The Science of Normative Profiling

The POP™ is a psychometric profile that has been used to track the careers of over ten million people active in or seeking employment in sales careers such as financial services, automotive sales, pharmaceutical, hospitality, contact centers in both public and private sectors in unionized and non-unionized environments.

The POP™ is a big data normative assessment that has become an industry standard and is a thoroughly validated assessment tool. It is proven to be predictive in many sales cultures and is used to develop ideal candidate models for specific industries and companies.

Equipped with a customized ideal candidate model, recruiting managers can quickly identify a potential high performer and recruit people who are statistically similar to the best performers in their organizations.

The generic POP™ allows a company to immediately leverage our extensive history of performance research and insight into what it takes to be successful in a sales role. Self Management Group also offers the option of developing an ideal candidate model through both concurrent and predictive validation studies.

Predictor Score (PS)

Perhaps the most unique feature of the POP™ is the development of a customized Predictor Score (PS) for each client based on our predictor validation service.

The PS is extremely effective at predicting both survival and success. A strong predictor score can predict survival and success up to 90% accuracy.

The PS includes three major weighted factors:

  • EP = Will a candidate prospect? (Survival)
  • AP = Will a candidate be affective closer? (Performance)
  • IP = Is the candidate coachable? (Retention)

The attitudes of self-confidence, call reluctance, stress coping, and listening skills moderates the overall PS.

Interpretation of the POP™

The POP™ measures eight separate source traits, including both the powerful and neutralizing aspects of personality. This allows POP™ to form a profile, which can be compared to norms for competitive selling. The result is a profile that provides very useful information about the individual’s fit to a sales role.

The psychometric depth of the POP™ scales basically assesses the DNA of a sales candidate, and as a result can be used for selection, training, coaching, succession planning, and career management. This creates an extremely high ROI for the many thousand POP™ clients.

In addition, the POP™ measures self-confidence and the individual’s attitudes about prospecting, managing rejection, and handling call reluctance.

Some versions of the POP™ also measure the individual’s approach to managing stress effectively, which is important in any career change or planning attraction.

All these factors are presented in an easy to interpret report with selection questions and coaching suggestions included.

POP™ Testimonial

I personally have worked with Self Management and the POP/Management Pro tools since the early 1990’s. I have had strong experience in the recruiting/selection/interview processes in my forty three plus years of experience in the insurance industry. The continuation of the use of these tools for my current company American National indicates our continued confidence in the process and information provided by Self Management.

Our confidence in the quality individuals, the ability to coach the selected agents and the ongoing development for the management team here at American National will continue. Our results during my twelve years with American National is documented proof of our endorsement. My personal review of the tools and the ability to target the skills, abilities, and “will or won’t do” in each candidate extends not only to the company’s candidates but also to my own son’s completion of the questionnaire. The documentation and data are absolutely noteworthy.

    V.P. Chief Life Marketing and Operations Officer

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