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The Supervisor Pro™ is a state-of-the-art psychometric profiling tool that provides critical insight into the attitudes and source traits that lead to success in supervisory and team captain roles.

Based on over 35 years of science and research, this tool is a systematic, online selection system that uses advanced statistical methods to accurately predict performance and retention.

Use the Supervisor Pro™ to identify and hire the highest quality supervisory candidates, match the new supervisor to the existing team, or match a new team member to the supervisor.

What Does the Supervisor Pro™ Do?

  • Predicts performance and retention of supervisors and front line managers
  • Provides critical information for a hiring manger to use when making hiring, training, and promotion decisions
  • Provides an overview of source traits (DNA) as they apply to successful supervisors
  • Provides coaching and development strategies
  • Maximizes both individual and team performance
  • Provides feedback on matching to mentors, peers and, staff
  • Provides career management information
  • Can be used to attract top candidates
  • Assists in the succession planning of team captains
  • Is available online and provides instant results
  • Includes a complimentary Profile Administration Center (PAC)

What Does the Supervisor Pro™ Assess?

  • Self-management characteristics (the #1 competency for top performing supervisors)
  • Communication style
  • Natural leadership style
  • Goal setting approach
  • Team development and coaching orientation
  • Decision making process
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Feedback style
  • Achievement orientation

Selecting and Retaining Top Performing Supervisors

The Supervisor Pro™ is designed to provide an overview of the strengths of candidates who will be responsible for supervising and leading teams in business operations. It gives an overview of the character traits and attitudes associated with successful supervisors.

By identifying and understanding strengths and growth opportunities, recruiters and managers will be able to select and retain high potential candidates as well as predict future leaders for an effective succession plan.

Norms for high performing supervisors can be customized for each specific organization and benchmarked across other similar organizations and other industries.

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