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The Forklift Screen is an online psychometric screening tool that provides employers and hiring managers with a cost-effective solution to attract and hire qualified forklift/equipment operators.

Determine the ability, potential, and attitudes of both new applicants and current employees before you invest in further training. Reduce risk and legal exposure by understanding an applicant’s safety mindset before hiring them as a forklift or equipment operator.

Use Forklift Screen™ to identify and select qualified forklift/equipment operators who will have the potential to be high performing equipment operators.

What Does Forklift Screen™ Do?

  • Provides a 24/7 recruitment and screening process
  • Provides the science component of the screening process
  • Manages the flow of targeted recruits
  • Assesses talent, effort history, and job fit
  • Screens and eliminates candidates lacking essential characteristics
  • Allows for customized non-negotiable questions to be included
  • Provides customized interview questions
  • Determines suitability for specific operator positions
  • Provides information for training and coaching needs
  • Includes a complimentary Profile Administration Center (PAC)
  • Can be used to measure the ROI of various recruitment strategies

Screening for Performance and Retention in Forklift/Equipment Operation

The Forklift Screen™ is an effective and economical solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits. It provides a quick snapshot of the candidate’s potential for a specific operator role.

This proprietary system tracks applicants around the clock without overwhelming your HR team. It can be instantly implemented to accommodate peak season periods and is easily customized to any commercial environment.

The Forklift Screen™ assesses the candidate’s inherent talent, effort history, and fit to the position. It uses this data to rank candidates and focus hiring resources on those with the highest probability for success.

By focusing on candidates with a ‘success’ profile and screening candidates who lack the essentials, the Forklift Screen™ is the first step in a recruiting process that will improve the odds of hiring top performers.

Many organizations use the Forklift Screen™ to identify and screen for candidates who will perform and survive in equipment operation roles.

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