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Based on years of performance research and over 3.5 million assessments, the Hospitality Screen 2.0™ helps guest-focused businesses consistently select high performing, service-minded professionals for a variety of roles.

Use Hospitality Screen 2.0™ to:

  • Highlight candidates with the highest potential
  • Screen out obvious non-fit candidates
  • Manage large numbers of targeted recruits
  • Reduce turnover and predict performance
  • Assess the characteristics associated with customer satisfaction, guest loyalty, and repeat visits

More Information about Hospitality Screen 2.0™

Screening for Performance and Retention in the Hospitality Industry

Using advanced statistical methods and industry-specific research, the Hospitality Screen™ provides the hiring manager with insight into individual strengths and how to leverage strengths to maximize performance.

The detailed report, available in real time and in multiple languages, is divided into several sections that describe the individual's approach to service, task orientation, responsibility, initiative, retention potential, and much more.

Use the Hospitality Screen 2.0™ to identify and select individuals with traits critical for success in a wide range of hospitality positions, including:

  • Front desk staff
  • Guest service agents
  • Chair-lift operators
  • Retail service staff
  • Food service staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Concierge
  • Gift shop staff
  • And many more

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