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A virtual assessment of retail professionals, the Retail Simulation Pro™ provides pre‐hire testing to the retail market. This cost-effective simulation tool tests a candidate on the hard skills and competencies associated with high performers in a retail environment.

Through this interactive simulation program, organizations are able to make better hiring decisions and select candidates that stay, perform, and deliver results.

What Does Retail Simulation Pro™ Do?

  • Provides a virtual tryout for a retail position
  • Increases the flow of quality candidates
  • Improves candidate screening
  • Improves retention and reduces early turnover
  • Improves performance
  • Provides continuous improvement through validation
  • Assesses a candidate’s ability to perform a wide range of job-related tasks
  • Leverages technology to increase hiring efficiencies
  • Provides an analysis of individual training needs
  • Reduces cost to hire

What Does Retail Simulation Pro™ Assess?

  • How the candidate will greet a customer
  • Computer navigational skills
  • Keyboard skill
  • Basic math skills
  • Reading ability and comprehension
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to handle typical in-store situations
  • Listening and comprehension
  • Memory and attention to detail
  • Business development skills

Screening for Performance and Retention in Retail Environments

The Retail Simulation Pro™ is an efficient online screening tool that helps solve the challenge of attracting and processing a large volume of potential applicants.

This highly interactive process creates an engaging and stimulating experience for candidates, allowing them to experience a “day in the life” at the retail position and test drive what it feels like to perform in a sales or customer service role.

While the candidate previews the career opportunity, the hiring manager instantly receives a report on the candidate’s ability to manage the tasks required for success in the role.

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