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What Is the Self Employment Screen™ (SES™)?

The SES™ was developed to help a candidate decide on the best type of self-employment. This state-of-the-art psychometric tool provides insights into the essentials of self-management.

The SES™ analyzes the key inherent characteristics and attitudes that influence entrepreneurial success. It can help predict which of the four major entrepreneurial business environments a person is most naturally suited to:

  • Agent/representative
  • Consulting/contract
  • Franchises
  • Small business

The Self Employment Screen™ is used for individuals to decide on the best type of self employment opportunities.


What Does Self Employment Screen™ Do?

  • Highlights the ideal self-employment environment
  • Builds self-confidence by identifying strengths and growth opportunities
  • Outlines an action plan to begin the transition process to self-employment
  • Ranks the top 4 self-employment groupings
  • Provides specific details about a candidate’s business development style, motivational factors, developmental needs, and entrepreneurial orientation
  • Gives a report featuring an interactive search component of opportunities

Transitioning to a Self Employed Role

The Self Employment Screen™ has helped many individuals begin the transition into a successful self-employment opportunity.

This tool, combined with our Self Employment Pro™, “6 Steps to Self Employment” book, and proprietary coaching/counselling program, has given individuals the confidence to seek out opportunities within their risk tolerance and available financial resources.

Since 1978, SMG has provided career management services to individuals for all job families and career paths. Our approach is to build on strengths and focus individuals on what they can do rather than what they can’t do. Many successful career changers have transitioned into self-employment on a part-time basis until they have the cash flow and customer base to support a full time transition into their own business.

Many individuals have used the Self Employment Screen™ to help understand their strengths and abilities in various self-employment roles.

More Self Employment Screen™ Resources:

Download the Self Employment Screen™ product sheet.

Other Tools for Self Employment Success

Self Employment Pro™

The Self Employment Pro™ is a validated profiling tool that provides a more comprehensive assessment of the key characteristics that lead to entrepreneurial success.

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Book: 6 Steps to Self Employment

6 Steps to Self Employment offers a practical process for making key career and business decisions when looking for opportunities and facing the challenges of self-employment.

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