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The Service Screen™ assesses a candidate’s inherent customer service disposition, previous experience in service roles, and attitudes toward a service career. Customized to the service industry, it is an efficient and economical solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits.

Use Service Screen™ to:

  • Identify and select individuals who will thrive in customer service positions
  • Manage large numbers of targeted recruits
  • Eliminate candidates lacking essential characteristics
  • Obtain an overall rating of each candidate
  • Assess candidates’ potential to provide superior service, exceed customer expectations, and encourage customer loyalty

More Information about Service Screen™

The Service Screen™ Provides Comprehensive Candidate Reports

In addition to an overall recommendation of service potential, the comprehensive report (available immediately online) includes an assessment of the candidate’s:

  • People orientation
  • Motivation to service customer needs
  • Ability to manage rejection
  • Attitudes towards service
  • Job stability - an indicator of retention
  • Service experience

Screening for Performance and Retention in the Service Industry

Many organizations use the Service Screen™ as a comprehensive, candidate-friendly solution to identify and screen for candidates who will perform and survive in service environments. It is a proven process for providing a quick snapshot of the candidate’s potential to provide superior service, exceed the expectations of customers, and encourage customer loyalty.


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