Sample Person

May 30, 2015



I. Recommendation2
II. Candidate Snapshot3
III. Performance Factors4
IV. Fit to Franchise Culture5
V. Communications Style6
VI. Attitudes That Drive Success7

The FranchiseeScreenPlus™ is designed to provide insight into the strengths of individuals seeking to be franchisees. By examining the candidate's work history, interests, personality and attitudes, the FranchiseeScreenPlus™ helps both the candidate and the franchise system make better matches.

John C. Marshall, Ph.D.

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I. Recommendation
Name: Sample Person  |Address: 309 Elm St.  |Telephone: 555-7774 
eMail Address:   |Desired Location: Predictive Profiles Inc. 
New System

A "New System" is one with newer, less familiar brand. It will be more dynamic and less structured.
1. Select the one that reflects your current situation Employed Full-Time
2. If unemployed, how long have you been unemployed?  
3. If employed, how long have you been at your current job? 2 years or more
4. If employed, what is your current job title? VP
5. How many jobs have you held in the last 5 years? 1
6. What is the major reason you are looking into franchise opportunities? Looking for a better opportunity.
7. How much experience have you had in a sales or service environment? More than 5 years
8. How many management or supervisory roles have you had? 3 or more
9. Please rate yourself as a customer service person. Excellent
11. Have you ever owned a franchise before? Yes
12. Which categories of franchise interest you?
a. Maintenance/Home Repair 
b. Automotive Service 
c. Retail 
d. Restaurants/Fast Food 
e. Financial/Business Services 
f. Health Care/Personal Services 
g. Education 
13. What is your level of education? University/College Graduate
14. If you attended University, College or Trade School, please indicate which one: Madison
15. Location of University, College or Trade School  
16. Your course of study Hospitality
16. Do you speak any other languages? If so, please specify.  

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II. Candidate Snapshot

Success Factors

  High Scores Average Low Scores
Self Manager High Initiative Balanced Responds
Task Orientation High Balanced Low
Approach to Structure Creates Own Adaptable Depends on it
Approach to Conflict Handles Well Satisfactory Could be an Issue
Taking Responsibility Very Much So Satisfactory Some Questions
A People Person? Very Sociable Average Reserved
Detail Orientation Very Much So Pays Attention Learns Essentials
Attitude About Service Excellent Satisfactory Some Questions
Networking / Promotion Excellent Satisfactory Not a Strength
Job Stability Stable Relatively Stable Frequent Changes

Uncertainty Quotient: 4 (Scores of 3 or lower indicate that results are probably reliable. Scores of 4 or 5 indicate candidate is answering in a highly socially desireable manner. Review thoroughly.)
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III. Performance Factors

Self Management
Initiates/Proactive Responsive

Andrew is balanced between responding to the needs of others and initiating activity on his own. His performance would be most consistent in a reasonably structured environment that provides feedback on a regular basis. He would be well suited to most environments that require responsiveness to customer and organizational needs combined with the need to plan and initiate additional tasks and activities. He will likely work well with a manager who provides clear guidance and coaches without being too controlling.

Interview Suggestions
  • Describe how you planned your day in your current (previous) position?

  • How often do you review your progress?

  • Outline a situation where you had to respond to the needs of a demanding customer.

  • Describe how you and your manager review your progress? How frequently?

Motivational Profile
Seeks Challenge/Task Oriented Relaxed/Contented

Andrew is an individual with a great deal of drive, energy and ambition. He enjoys achieving goals regularly and is very likely to seek out challenge in his work. He would be suited well to a fast paced environment where he is able to measure his achievements. People with his motivational structure can be top performers if matched to the right environment but Andrew may need to be coached to slow his pace to meet the needs of some customers.

Interview Suggestions
  • Describe a recent, challenging assignment. How did you perform?

  • What helped you do well? What factors hindered you?

  • What is the ideal length of time on one assignment?

  • What do you like about assignments of that length? What do you dislike?

  • Describe a situation where you set challenging goals for yourself. What was the outcome?

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IV. Fit to Franchise Culture

Approach to Systems & Structure
Prefers to Create Own Systems/Structure Comfortable in Structured Environments

Andrew would be described as cooperative, obliging, efficient and conscientious. He would function effectively in a group which is well organized but allows room for individual initiative. He will accept early supervision along with training but will expect less supervision after gaining the relevant experience. He would be expected to integrate with existing systems and work well with a group of peers who are similar in nature.

Interview Suggestions
  • Describe the work environment that you have found most suitable.

  • Why do you feel this way?

  • Outline a situation where you worked in a very disorganized environment. What did you do to improve the situation?

  • Describe a situation where you were forced to develop new procedures.

Approach to Conflict
Comfortable Avoids Conflict

Andrew prefers to avoid situations where there is potential for conflict and would tend to comply with others rather than be disagreeable. Normally he would be perceived as obliging, polite and agreeable. He would be best suited in an environment which focuses on growth and development rather than one dealing primarily with conflict and crisis management.

Interview Suggestions
  • Describe a working environment that included a lot of argument and conflict.

  • How did you feel about that environment?

  • How did you deal with the conflict?

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V. Communications Style

Social Orientation
Warm, Friendly, Sociable Builds Relationships Slowly

Andrew would be described as only moderately sociable and may be regarded as distant or shy by some people. He likes to take time to get to know people and may be more suitable for roles that focus on his other skills. He would be more comfortable relating to familiar colleagues and clientele because of his tendency to build relationships over a longer term.

Interview Suggestions
  • How would you describe your people skills?

  • Describe the last time that you entered a new work environment.

  • How did you build effective relationships?

  • What are your goals with regard to growth in interpersonal areas?

  • Have you any plans to develop these areas?

Attention to Detail
Very Detail Oriented Learns the Necessities

Andrew is highly analytical, very logical and interested in learning new things. He pays close attention to detail and is interested in learning for its own sake. Customers or situations that provide technical challenge or present new problems to be solved would be a source of motivation for him. A role with a fair amount of conceptual challenge and detail would be very appropriate for him. Andrew might fill the role of technical mentor for those with a less analytical nature.

Interview Suggestions
  • Describe a situation where your attention to detail resolved a customer issue.

  • What are some of the current developments that could have impact on this business?

  • What sources do you use to keep informed about this business?

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VI. Attitudes That Drive Success

Self Confidence
Feels in Control Feels Controlled

Andrew is confident in most situations which allows him to feel that he is able to handle them himself through his own efforts. His profile indicates that he generally accepts responsibility for his own performance but could benefit from regular reinforcement and reminders of his strengths.

Interview Suggestions
  • Describe the things that make you successful.

  • How have you used these strengths to build your career?

  • Which of your strengths would help you most in a contact center position?

  • What are some of the things that you need to improve?

Attitudes about Sales
Very Positive Some Concerns

Andrew would enjoy and be quite comfortable in promoting the company and its products. Networking and selling could provide a positive challenge which he can address with appropriate training with a mentor or manager.

Interview Suggestions
  • How do you feel about selling our products and services?

  • What is your experience selling? What did you like about it?

  • What do you like about sales people?

Attitudes about Service
Very Positive Some Concerns

Andrew has a satisfactory attitude toward most of the issues related to building a service based career, working with customers and earning their respect. You may wish to probe some of these issues described below to determine if there is any potential for concern.

Interview Suggestions
  • What do you enjoy most about providing good service?

  • What would you like to accomplish while working here?

  • Outline your achievements in your most recent position.

  • Describe a situation where you had to deal with the same issues from different customers on a regular basis. How did you enjoy that?

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