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Snapshot of Sales Potential1
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Selection Questions3

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  Low Scores
Average Scores
May be O.K.
Power Scores
Should be O.K.
A Good "Prospector" Not Likely With Training COACH to Excellence
A Good "Closer" Weak Closer Soft/Persistent Tough/Persistent
Chances for Survival Risky With+++Effort?? With Effort-Good
A "People" Person Uninterested People are O.K. Definitely
$/Challenge Motivated Very Little Yes Very Much
Managing Rejection Very Sensitive Needs Training Coach to Success
Commitment to a Sales Career Specific Careers Only Selective Careers High


  1=Poor 2=Below Average 3=Average 4=Above Average 5=Excellent
Talent (4.8)        
Effort (3.7)        
Opportunity (1.9)        
Overall Rating (3.4)        

Proceed with Caution  X 
2001, Selection Testing Consultants Intl Ltd
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 1. What is the highest level of education you attempted?  College or University 
 2. Did you graduate?  Yes 
 3. How many years have you lived in your current city or town?  3 to 6 years 
 4. Select the one that reflects your situation  Employed Full-Time 
 5. If unemployed, how many months have you been unemployed?   
 6. Job Title  Consultant 
 7. # of years in job  
 8. What are your personal weekly earnings?  $999 or more 
 9. How many sources of income do you currently have?  
 10. Which of the following occupational groupings would best describe your current occupation?  Professional management 
 11. How adequate is your current income level?  Not at all adequate 
 12. What is the major reason you are considering changing careers?  Looking for better advancement opportunities 
 13. In your current industry, how much do you think the average experienced Sales Representative earns annually?  More than other types of Sales Representatives 
 14. What is the longest period of time you worked full time for one organization or in self-employment?  6 to 9 years 
 15. What would you rate your chances for advancement at your present job?  Good 
 16. How many full time jobs have you held in the last 5 years?  
 17. How many hours a week do you currently work? If you are currently unemployed or employed part time, use your last full time position.  more than 50 hours 
 18. To meet your financial commitments, how much annual income do you need to earn?  Considerably more than my current income 
 19. If you have a geographical preference for work, please indicate.  London 
 20. Others perceive me as a very hard worker.  This statement is definitely true 
 PIN (if applicable) 
 21. If you were given a PIN number please enter it here.   
 Referral Source 
 22. How were you referred to this website?  Approached by Manager/Recruiter 

2001, Selection Testing Consultants Intl Ltd
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Enterprising Potential (E.P.) Selection Questions

  • What kind of natural orientation does he have towards being a self-manager, i.e., how quickly and effectively can he learn to plan and organize himself and manage his time to get the daily, weekly etc. objectives met?

  • How willing is he to take any learning opportunities to develop his self-management potential for use within the career, either from within the company or through outside sources?

  • Ask about any specific tasks or requirements he may have had in the past which will show how he can take the requirement, convert it into a plan for action and how he manages his time and focuses his effort each day to get the job done. Ask him for references to verify the examples.

Achievement Potential (A.P.) Selection Questions

  • Ask him to tell you how he really feels about things like challenge, earning lots of money, doing what is best for other people and/or for himself and whatever else he feels motivates him the most. Ask him to tell you which things motivate him the most - and which are the least important motivators.

  • Can he give you any examples of outstanding productivity of any kind, in any job or outside activity over the past two years? Check his examples with his business and personal references.

  • Has he had any especially challenging experiences in school, sports, politics, part-time or full-time jobs etc.? Has he ever had to really push himself to overcome a difficult problem? Did he hold one or even more part-time or full-time jobs while attending school?

People Orientation (P.O.) Selection Questions

  • Ask him how he feels about meeting and putting people at ease. Examples?

  • How well does he adjust to different personalities? Examples?

  • How does he feel and what has he done about the importance of team work and good public relations in achieving company goals? Examples?

2001, Selection Testing Consultants Intl Ltd