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Snapshot of Service Potential1
Background / Current Status2
Selection Questions3

SS# 00000000 for Sample Person on August 19, 2015

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 Service Screen (SS# 00000000 for Sample Person on August 19, 2015) Page 1 


Average Scores
May be O.K.
Power Scores
Should be O.K.
People Oriented Uninterested People are OK Definitely
Motivation Challenge Safety/Security Service/People
Self Directed     Too Low  |  Too High Satisfactory Level Optimal Level
Manages Rejection Very Sensitive Needs Training Manages Well
Attitude to Service Negative Selective Positive
Job Stability Likes Changes Some Changes/Unknown Few Changes/Stable
Service Experience Little Some Extensive

CANDIDATE SCORES Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
Talent (1.9)        
Effort (3.8)        
Opportunity (3.1)        
Total Score (2.9)        

OVERALL RECOMMENDATION Re-direct Proceed with Caution Proceed

2002, Selection Testing Consultants Intl Ltd
 Service Screen (SS# 00000000 for Sample Person on August 19, 2015) Page 2 


Highest level of educationCollege or University
Grade point average3.5-4.0

# Previous positions in service industryTwo-three
Months of experience in service industry13-24 months
Months of experience dealing directly with customers13-24 months
Months of experience in hospitality position13-24 months
Expected proficiency in a service environmentAbove Average

Current situationEmployed Part-Time
Job titleSales Associate 
Years in current job2 years 
Full time jobs in past 5 years2
Longest period worked for one organization1 to 2 years
Major reason for changing positionsFor Better Advancement
Chances of advancement in current jobFair

Personal weekly earningsLess than $100
Current income levelAdequate but want more

2002, Selection Testing Consultants Intl Ltd
 Service Screen (SS# 00000000 for Sample Person on August 19, 2015) Page 3 


Enterprising Potential (E.P.) Selection Questions

  • Does he/she have any previous experience in his/her jobs, on special assignments or in other areas such as volunteer work which shows how well he/she can adapt to and perform in a new support or service role? Get the details and verify the facts with his/her work references as well as his/her personal references.

  • Ask him/her to tell you about how well in the past he/she has fitted into an established position, how quickly he/she learned the job and how he/she felt about following established rules and procedures. Verify with work references.

  • Is he/she willing to take any training necessary for the next line position or special assignment? Will he/she take personal or skills upgrading on his/her own time as well as through the company?

Achievement Potential (A.P.) Selection Questions

  • The organization needs to know just how sensitive and committed this person is to issues such as the meeting of his/her need for stability and security, and his/her need to see what he/she does as having intrinsic merit in a humanistic sense. As well, it is important to see just how these needs are reflected in action on his/her part. Ask him/her to tell you what he/she feels are the most influential motivators in his/her life. What kind of hard, demanding things does he/she do? Are they strictly 'people oriented' activities? In contrasting demanding bottom line oriented requirements with 'people oriented' requirements, which does he/she feel he/she can be committed to most? Get examples of how well he/she works at achieving the various goals, especially those for which he/she feels the lesser sense of purpose and commitment.

  • Can he/she work effectively to achieve bottom line results? Is he/she strongly concerned about stability and security in his/her work situation? What is he/she prepared to do in terms of making and keeping performance commitments to ensure his/her success? Can he/she give you examples of doing this in the past?

  • What has he/she done in the recent past that might show how committed he/she is to his/her own personal and professional growth? Any educational upgrading? Any specific skills development programs?

People Orientation (P.O.) Selection Questions

  • Ask him/her how he/she feels about meeting and putting people at ease. Examples?

  • How well does he/she adjust to different personalities? Examples?

  • How does he/she feel and what has he/she done about the importance of team work and good public relations in achieving company goals? Examples?

2002, Selection Testing Consultants Intl Ltd