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With over 35 years of predictive analytics in recruitment and selection, the Self Management Group Academy is offers credited courses to help you further develop in your career.

CE Credit Programs

Each completed program in Canada will allow you to receive 7.5 CE credits. Facilitated onsite or offsite, we offer the following one day CE programs:

Building a Recruiting Culture (7.5 CE Credits)

Learn where to find top performing recruits and how to build a proactive recruiting pipeline.

Selecting Top Performing Sales Professionals (7.5 CE Credits)

Learn the art and science of how to select top sales professionals and improve performance and retention through selection best practices.

Transitioning Your Business and Lifestyle  (7.5 CE Credits)

“The Best is Yet to Come”

This unique program helps entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals grow and transition their business within an integrated lifestyle planning approach.

If you fit into one of the following categories, this program is for you!

  • Never want to retire
  • Never want to exit
  • Want to grow Your business
  • Future Exit
  • Exit Now

Our experiences have demonstrated that successful change programs require an integrated, comprehensive approach.

We care about you and your business. You have earned the right to plan and enjoy your life.

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To learn more or sign up for these programs contact Robert Dougan, Director-Practice Management at SMG.

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