Certified Courses and Workshops

Managing Effort: Getting Results

The Managing Effort: Getting Results program provides leaders with the fundamental skills needed to create high performing, self-managed individuals, teams and organizational cultures.

Agenda of the workshop

  • To integrate into an effective team, it is essential that each person has a solid grasp on whatdrives performance, both individually and as a team.
  • Understanding personal strengths by knowing what you do well and by doing it more often. Self-awareness is the critical component to help people develop a more complete sense of their strengths and their contributions to team performance.
  • Allow individuals to leverage their strengths within the team. Based on our scientific research, conscious competence is the prime foundation for improving self-confidence. However, full development requires team members to know their opportunities for growth as well.
  • Understand commonality and synergies within the team in order to work together effectively. A stronger, more effective team respects the traits and strengths everyone brings to the table.

Managing Success

Managing Success is a highly interactive lifestyle management program whereby each individual creates and builds their own program based on our proprietary D.E.L.I. approach.

Agenda of the workshop

Team Building

This multi-dimensional program not only focuses on the key elements of building and coaching high performance teams, but it also teaches techniques for selecting the best coach and adding new and synergistic team members.

Agenda of the workshop