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How to Select the Right People for Competitive Sales Environments

You know you can’t succeed without plenty of talent on your sales team. Extremely talented salespeople who are ready to put in the effort required can be hard to come by; but once you find them, they’re invaluable to your organization. Finding and identifying high effort sales people from within the available candidates is one […]

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Predicting Employee Performance Requires Collecting Systematic Data and Predictive Analytics

All organizations want to hire the best people and retain those great employees over time, developing them into top performers. Predictive analytics is the key to achieving these goals in a way that consistently maximizes ROI. Predictive analytics involves using data patterns to predict future outcomes; companies can then use this insight to refine their […]

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Welcome to Self Management Group’s New Website!

Self Management Group is pleased to announce the launch of our new website! If you’ve had a chance to look around, you’ll notice that we’ve made a lot of changes. We’ve redesigned our site to make your experience better by improving the visual appeal, enhancing ease of navigation, and adding new resources you may be […]

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