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Home of the POP – Predictor of Potential™ Employment Selection Assessments

We have over 35 years ongoing research into the factors that make people successful.

Through our millions of profiles of people for over 3,500 organizations, we have developed highly sophisticated ways to measure these success factors using a variety of proprietary selection assessments and screening tools.

SMG is a leader in talent management solutions, partnering with clients worldwide to help them attract, select, retain, and develop top potential employees. Now the largest sales profiling company in the world, our online system is available 24/7, 365 days a year in 45 countries and in over 40 languages.

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We Offer a Fully Integrated Talent Management Solution

We provide a 6 step turnkey, integrated solution for talent management from recruiting to scientific validation.

Or, you can choose the specific tool you need and integrate it with your own system.

It’s your choice.

We Create Our Products

We are constantly refining and improving our products and processes.

The POP™ is a definitive example of our innovative and science-based approach. It has been thoroughly validated regularly since its creation in 1978 – and we are always improving upon it. The Competitive Sales POP™ has become the basis for our other proprietary employment selection assessments.

We consult with major corporations to develop customized selection processes, online recruiting and pre-employment screening systems, behavioral-based interviewing techniques, and psychometric profiling.

SMG will never give you an “off-the-shelf” solution that isn’t right for your organization. Since we built our products, we can customize them for your specific organization’s needs. We help you identify what is working well in your organization, and then strengthen it with scientifically proven tools.

How We Help Clients Maximize Results

Our unique, proprietary assessment tools, extensive longitudinal research database, and wide range of diagnostic assessments help organizations both large and small use science and advanced statistical methods to measure and track the ROI of organizational initiatives.

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