Client Testimonials

IG has a long-standing relationship with the SMG. For over 25 years, SMG's scientific approach has been vital in enhancing our team's decision-making, ensuring we choose the right candidates crucial for our business success.

Brent Allen

Head of Strategy and Business Operations

Incorporating the POPTM into our hiring process has significantly enhanced our agent quality and boosted first-year retention. The predictive assessments, coupled with SMG's exemplary training and support, have elevated our new agent standards.

Patrick Brumley

Director of Manpower Recruiting

The POPTM has proven to be unparalleled in ensuring candidates are paired perfectly with our client's management, culture, and needs. Their predictive accuracy and reliability surpass other assessments I've encountered in my career.

Jane Allen


Customer Service Desk Introducing SMG’s Customer Service Desk where our team strives to provide you with the best customer service. Rating of 4.9/5 on service. Testimonials Greatly appreciate the prompt response, I am impressed! Prompt response, great solution to my problem. Thank you for reaching out so quickly.

I personally have worked with Self Management and the POP/Management Pro tools since the early 1990’s. I have had strong experience in the recruiting/selection/interview processes in my forty three plus years of experience in the insurance industry. The continuation of the use of these tools for my current company American National indicates our continued confidence in the process and information provided by Self Management. Our confidence in the quality individuals, the ability to coach the selected agents and the ongoing development for the management team here at American National will continue. Our results during my twelve years with American National is documented proof of our endorsement. My personal review of the tools and the ability to target the skills, abilities, and “will or won’t do” in each candidate extends not only to the company’s candidates but also to my own son’s completion of the questionnaire. The documentation and data are absolutely noteworthy.


V.P. Chief Life Marketing and Operations Officer

At ATB Financial, we value the long-term business partnership we have had with Self Management Group (SMG). SMG’s unique approach to sales training, management coaching, and leadership has been the backbone that helped us create a self-managed, performance-based organization. Its ongoing training and support continues to have a major positive impact on ATB’s business growth and on the transformation of our culture.


Executive Vice President, Retail Financial Services

The management development model (which focuses on building self managers) helped transform the group into what it needed to become.  They continue to utilize the profiles to hire all individuals and we also regularly re-visit the coaching model to sustain its effectiveness. SMG is a very responsive and effective partner in any process that I have led to build a more modern and proactive coaching culture.  They are very much interested in developing lasting and mutually beneficial relationships through actively listening and responding to developing issues and opportunities. It is refreshing that they do not produce a solution in the guise of here is one we “made earlier” which solve only a small part of any problems. I highly recommend them.



I have been using TalentNest for almost a year now and it has worked as promised. I consider the posting of jobs a bonus for what the program does and we do get a lot of applications. The real power is in the tracking of your applications throughout the entire hiring process. I always know where they are at in our process. Then you throw in the fact that I can then track the new hires in the on-boarding process makes it even better. No more paper files to try and find and track it is all right inside this program. Everything is in there from the notes on interviews, to the testing and how the on-boarding is proceeding. The team at self management group has been great to work with as well.



“Did you see the magic in the room?” was the question I was asked after one of our full management team sessions with Glem Dias. The answer is a resounding yes. Glem has provided leadership and guidance to support the Canadian Mental Health Association York Region and South Simcoe Branch to be the most culturally competent team in our area. Through a comprehensive process that included the audit, policy review, robust strategy, and support through execution our branch is confident and prepared to reach our goal of going from good to great. Not only has Glem provided us with the training on shaping and building high performing and inclusive teams, but is coaching us individually as leaders and creating cultural competency champions throughout all levels of the organization. It may not be magic, based on Glem’s years of experience and insights that he shares, but results are truly transformational.


Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Mental Health Association York and South Simcoe

The R & K Sales customized POP 7.0 report has been so effective! Our hiring and early retention has improved drastically. I really think you found the perfect formula for our environment. Thank you very much again for taking the time to do this for us. I look forward to relying on POP 7.0 as a part of all future hiring decisions.


Sales Manager

“We have 103 stores that focus on retailing “the hottest trends in retail” across Canada. Our challenge is finding people to work in our stores, who possess the right mix of salesmanship and service orientation. Through TalentNest™ we have seen a significant increase in the number of those types of candidates at each store. We are hiring a much higher quality individual as a result. TalentNest™ is easy to use and allows store managers to manage their own hiring, while ensuring a consistent and valid recruitment and hiring process is followed. Because we have developed a “bullpen” of good candidates, our time to hire is greatly reduced. Our retention is also up 30% as a result of improving our ability to attract and hire the right fit for our stores. Sales results have also jumped thanks to more stability in our workforce. I highly recommend you look into TalentNest™.”

Greg Synowicki

Director of Stores, ShowcaseStores