Client Testimonials

The R & K Sales customized POP 7.0 report has been so effective! Our hiring and early retention has improved drastically. I really think you found the perfect formula for our environment. Thank you very much again for taking the time to do this for us. I look forward to relying on POP 7.0 as a part of all future hiring decisions.


Sales Manager

“We have 103 stores that focus on retailing “the hottest trends in retail” across Canada. Our challenge is finding people to work in our stores, who possess the right mix of salesmanship and service orientation. Through TalentNest™ we have seen a significant increase in the number of those types of candidates at each store. We are hiring a much higher quality individual as a result. TalentNest™ is easy to use and allows store managers to manage their own hiring, while ensuring a consistent and valid recruitment and hiring process is followed. Because we have developed a “bullpen” of good candidates, our time to hire is greatly reduced. Our retention is also up 30% as a result of improving our ability to attract and hire the right fit for our stores. Sales results have also jumped thanks to more stability in our workforce. I highly recommend you look into TalentNest™.”

Greg Synowicki

Director of Stores, ShowcaseStores