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  • 360 & Leadership Identification and Development

    The 360° POP™ measures specific facets of your organization’s working environment and structured management model. It provides each participant with structured and constructive feedback regarding their leadership behaviors and competencies, along with invaluable feedback for professional and personal growth.

  • Organizational Effectiveness Survey

    The OES™ is designed to help executives and leaders evaluate several critical aspects of organizational effectiveness to help focus on corporate strengths and identify growth opportunities.

  • Team Building

    Team Building is an essential component of any talent management system. It allows you to build high-performance teams by understanding the individual strengths of team members and how those strengths may complement each other.

  • Positive Work Inventory

    The Positive Work Inventory® (PWI) is a comprehensive employee survey of workplace factors identified by organizational science as drivers of critical employee outcomes. The PWI measures classic workplace factors, but it’s also based on positive organizational psychology and includes meaningful work.

  • Engagement

    The Engagement Survey™ provides your organization with crucial quantitative data and insight to make real, sustainable improvements to your organization. There is a direct correlation between engaged employees and an organization’s profitability and productivity.

  • e-Exit Interview

    The e-Exit Interview™ is a customizable assessment that provides candid information from about the feelings of exiting employees about the onboarding process and working conditions.

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