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6 Steps to Self Employment

This book offers a practical process for making key career and business decisions. More and more people are discovering the opportunities and challenges of self-employment.... Learn more

PLUS (Personal/Professional Longevity Under Stress)

You know you’ve got it-everybody has. What is the solution? Before you can answer that question, it’s important to ask this one: What is the... Learn more

Managing Effort: Getting Results – A Coaching System for Managers

As a manager of others, getting results is your top priority. In most cases, you can’t do it all by yourself: you depend on the... Learn more

Principles of Self-Management: The Key to Personal and Professional Success

Think of the times when you have been the happiest, most productive, and most successful. Now think about how you would do if you performed... Learn more

Selecting Sales Professionals

Selecting Sales Professionals is your key to identifying high effort sales reps. Building a successful sales team depends on choice, not chance! Dr. John Marshall’s... Learn more