PLUS (Personal/Professional Longevity Under Stress)

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About the book

You know you’ve got it-everybody has. What is the solution?

Before you can answer that question, it’s important to ask this one: What is the problem? Stress can’t be eliminated from our lives and if it could be, we might be no better off!

This book offers a system that will allow you to live with, and even benefit from, the pressures we all experience in our personal and professional lives. It describes the four elements of a stress management program that can be tailored to your individual circumstances, whether you are juggling family and work commitments, dealing with full-time parenting, or facing the new pressures of retirement or other life changes.

As a stress manager, you will learn to recognize ineffective coping techniques and their dangerous consequences. You will identify the ways that you best handle and reduce stress, and you can develop an increasingly sophisticated variety of stress strategies. And by self-managing your attitudes and behaviors, you will enhance your happiness and your productivity-every day.

Based on the Self Management Group’s successful workshops — and its fundamental self-management philosophy this book will show you not only how to make things better, but how to be the best you can be!