A Career Management Assessment to Help Organizations Attract & Hire Emerging Talent Pools – by John C. Marshall, PhD

Several SMG clients are now offering our Career Management POP™ (CMPOP™) as a sourcing strategy to ATTRACT & HIRE high potential candidates in the EMERGING TALENT POOLS.  In addition to attracting NEW CANADIANS, our clients are using the CMPOP™ to help with CAMPUS RECRUITING and identifying EMERGING LEADERS.


SMG’s CMPOP™ not only helps the individual with career planning but it can also help identify potential candidates that are suitable for any current or future job opportunities within an organization.  Through the use of the CMPOP™, our clients have been offering free career advice to applicants while proactively building a qualified talent pool. As part of our SMG Client Advantage, we can also help to benchmark the characteristics that predict both performance and retention in your organization and match new candidates who are suitable to those careers based on their CMPOP™.  Everyone wins! The candidate receives career advice, while the employer is able to identify high potential applicants who will perform and stay within the organization.


New Canadians bring a wealth of knowledge, skills & expertise to our country & potential employers who are looking for new talent.   For example, it is estimated that almost half of all new immigrants speak at least 2 languages fluently, which is extremely appealing to those employers who are seeking multi-lingual candidates. To effectively qualify new Canadians for available positions, it is necessary to assess them in their language of choice and understand any cultural differences.  In our almost half century of research, SMG has collected data in over 40 countries and 40 languages and our predictive models have been effective in many cross cultural validation studies.

If recruiters have new Canadians in mind, they are always encouraged to share the employment opportunities with their networks. Through our research, it has been proven that warm source recruiting creates the largest pool of qualified candidates vs cold sourced.  For example, CENTERS OF INFLUENCE are a great warm source recruiting strategy that will allow unilingual recruiters to tap into markets of New Canadians without any language barriers.

In addition, through the use of our Diversity & Inclusivity assessment and the Team POP™, we have also found that diverse and inclusive organizations have a competitive advantage that provide fresh perspectives and ideas for growth & prosperity.


Another potential market that companies need to explore are the graduating students from universities, colleges, commercial schools, trade schools etc..  For example, as a former university athlete and coach, an amazing source of potential candidates for competitive positions are the school’s competitive athletes. To source this emerging talent pool, we have helped organizations offer a simple connection link to our assessments through a QR code that can be handed out to hundreds of potential candidates at career job fairs.  The CMPOP™ is easy to complete and will provide a huge value proposition that will leave the students more engaged with your organization.


An ongoing challenge for all HR leaders and Talent Acquisition professionals is identifying those individuals who have the potential to become leaders within the organization.  Succession plans and career management assessments are often based exclusively on performance without an understanding of the potential of an individual.  For example, research has shown there is a zero correlation between sales performance and sales management performance.  Great sales professionals can be superior, average or even poor sales managers.  To be a good sales person requires power whereas to be a great sales manager requires power & patience, and most top sales performers do not have the patience to train and develop a new sales employee.  Our extensive data allows you to identify top performers within all levels of an organization, providing benchmark strengths to recognize the management and leadership potential of an individual.

In summary, today’s challenging job market has made it harder than ever to acquire top talent.  Every organization has equal access to the same cold source strategies such as job boards and social media.  It is time to differentiate your brand (to stand out) and engage with these emerging talent pools so that you are able to attract more candidates and proactively build your corporate talent pool.

For more information on how SMG can help you implement our CMPOP™ as a new recruiting strategy or if you would like more information on our Hiring Top Talent workshop, please contact us at info@selfmgmt.com.