Canadian Companies Partner to Bring Employees’ Professional DNA to the Blockchain

Workwolf and Self Management Group partner to offer free career service assessments to students and career changers to predict their success in more than 60 career paths 


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 11, 2022— Workwolf, a leader in blockchain technology, and Self Management Group (SMG), an integrated talent partner for the employee lifecycle, have joined forces to develop a new career assessment tool called Packfinder.

By completing the complimentary Packfinder assessment, job-seekers can obtain a ‘professional DNA’ backed by validated psychometrics that have been proven at scale with thousands of companies and millions of candidates over 40 years. This professional DNA can also be leveraged by employers to assess fit and success in role, as well as by employees to help guide career decisions.

“The great resignation has caused a number of employees to reassess their career choices,” said John Marshall, PhD and President of Self Management Group. “However, many employees (especially recent graduates) lack insight into where they are likely to succeed based on their own personal traits and characteristics – that’s what the Packfinder assessment aims to give them.”

Self Management Group has established a proven system for identifying the competencies of top performers and replicating those attributes across the hiring, management, and development process. With these same insights, job seekers can choose and manage their own career paths in a way that’s aligned with where they are more likely to be successful and fulfilled.

The Packfinder assessment will analyze an individual’s soft skills and natural predispositions in a workplace to avoid prejudice in hiring cycles. From there, it will provide a comprehensive automated filtration process that allows for organizations to make hires faster than before, by increasing candidate flow, filtering the best matches for a position, and verifying their resume credentials in real-time.

In addition to Packfinder, employers can verify candidates’ resume credentials in real-time before a job offer is presented. By using blockchain technology, authenticated data records from post-secondary educators, previous employers, government, institutions and more, can now be easily accessed, securely viewed and instantly shared directly between professionals and employers.

As part of this partnership, Workwolf and Self Management Group are offering the opportunity for everyone to take Packfinder for free to help determine their suitability and potential in every position. Users will get the chance to predict their success in over 60 career paths, based on their strengths and personality attributes.

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About Workwolf 

Workwolf is a Toronto-based technology start-up solving two of the biggest problems faced by today’s employment market: applicant filtration and resume verification. Their hiring platform provides an easy-to-use interface for employers and candidates that accurately predicts performance outcomes and verifies resume credentials at the beginning of the hiring process. The result for employers is a faster time-to-hire, less manual work and fewer mis-hires. Winner of two Global Innovation Awards in 2020 and 2021, Workwolf is revolutionizing the employment market.

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About Self Management Group

Self Management Group is a world leader in Talent Management Solutions – Sourcing, Screening, Selecting, Developing and Retaining Top Performers for more than 40 years. SMG is the home of the POP™ (Predictor of Potential) and has become one of the largest personality assessment companies operating in more than 40 countries and 40 languages. Proprietary assessments, unique self management training, extensive global cloud database, corporate diagnostics and the introduction of artificial intelligence and bot technology help our clients to utilize the latest in talent management solutions.  Self Management Group provides more than a screening tool. SMG works with high-performance brands all over the world to help businesses understand the capabilities critical to high performance behavior. Then, it guides those brands on how to build those capabilities into their cultural DNA – from recruitment, screening and selection to onboarding, training and development.

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