Creating A Recruiting Culture – by John Marshall, PhD

“If recruiting isn’t your #1 priority, it will become your #1 problem”

~ Ross Johnson

Increased competition for high quality candidates is elevating the role of talent acquisition into a new strategic competence. Talent acquisition professionals are now expected to offer a point of view on how those hired impact the bottom line and how to guide the organization’s approach to talent in lock step with its strategy.

We are excited to launch our new Recruiting series to help our clients and partners attract and engage quality candidates. This series will be based on our 40 years of experience working with thousands of clients and talent acquisition associates on what works and what offers the best return on recruiting resources and budgets.

Defining A Recruiting Culture

The 2 main characteristics of a recruiting culture are:

  1. Everyone Takes Responsibility: The top recruiting companies develop internal nominators and external centers of influence to create a flow of qualified candidates that is unique and exclusive to their company. This creates a database of potential talent and typically referred to as warm or hot candidates.  In today’s technology era, all companies post on social media sites or use an existing applicant tracking system to market their career opportunities, “however, this only leads to many companies appealing to the same group of potential candidates.”. This is referred to as cold source recruiting and only reaches candidates who are actively searching for either jobs or new career opportunities. Active candidates tend to be only a small percentage of the potential high-quality candidates.
  2. Capitalize On All Available Resources: We have often found that many organizations tend to isolate talent acquisition into a silo that is separate from other marketing initiatives. For example, companies will spend a lot of money on marketing their products and brand but often don’t include a talent acquisition component that could reach many potential candidates. For example, at the bottom of a product ad a little notification “for exciting careers go to” or telephone messaging “Please press 1 for service, 2 for careers” etc.   Some of our clients also develop sales leads from their career postings by simply asking “Would you be interested in learning more about our products and services?”.  By capitalizing on all available resources it allows you to break down existing silos and while creating alignment and commitment from all areas of a company.


SMG’s 2022 Summer Recruiting Series will provide you with hundreds of recruiting ideas straight from our own experiences and consultants.  As your integrated talent partner, our tools, technology and insights will not only help you target and hire top talent, but also develop your leaders and build highly effective teams.  Stay tuned for our next blog “Maximizing the Candidate Experience”,  where you will learn how to boost your company brand while attracting the best candidates for the job.

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