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Self Management Group’s online employee screening tools integrate structured interviewing with psychometric profiling maximizing the Art and Science of screening through the integration of science and intuition. Our tools are efficient and economical methods for targeting and screening a high volume of applicants.

Each specific pre-employment screening tool provides details about the candidate’s core character traits, their education, salary expectations, and employment history. This information has proven to be critical to successful recruiting and making successful employment offers.

By adding SMG’s screening tools to your company’s recruiting process, your recruiting managers and HR professionals will save time by screening out unqualified candidates. The detailed real-time reporting system tells the recruiting managers if a candidate is likely to succeed in a position before they choose to interview and invest time in them. Only those who are statistically most likely to perform in a given role are given the “green light” to proceed to the selection process.

We also offer state-of-the-art simulation assessments, which help you assess how a candidate would perform in a typical day on the job and provide you with reports on the candidate’s hard skills and competencies.

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Sales Employment Screening Tests

POP ScreenTM – Sales Screening Tool

The POP SCREEN™ is a quick online candidate screening tool based on our Personal Orientation Assessments (POP™) – a state-of-the-art psychometric profiling tool.


  • Recruit sales staff
  • Identify candidates that will perform in a sales role
  • Remove candidates that are obvious “non-fits” for a sales role

The process helps increase candidate flow, is quick and engaging for the candidate, and eliminates wasted time by focusing recruiting managers on candidates who are most likely to succeed.

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Management and Leadership Employment Screening Tests

Management Screen™ – Manager Candidate Screening Tool

The Management Screen™ provides an efficient and economical solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits for management and supervisory positions.

Use Management Screen™ to:

  • Identify and screen for candidates who will perform in a management role
  • Assess inherent talent, effort history, and position fit

This candidate screening tool helps increase candidate flow, predict performance, and integrate psychometric profiling into your selection interviews.

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SupervisorScreen™ – Supervisor Candidate Screening Tool

The Supervisor Screen™ is a psychometric tool that provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to the challenge of targeting and screening candidates with the highest supervisory potential.

Use Supervisor Screen™ to:

  • Attract and screen top performing supervisors
  • Assess inherent talent, effort history, and position fit

This process improves the flow of quality candidates and allows you to make better hiring decisions, impacting retention and performance.

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Online Employee Screening for Contact Centers

Contact Center Simulation™ – Pre-Screen Call Center Applicants

The Contact Center Simulator™ allows the candidate to experience a “day in the life” at your contact center and test drive what it feels like to perform in a sales or customer service role.

While the candidate previews the career opportunity, the hiring manager instantly receives a report on the candidate’s hard skills and their ability to manage the tasks required for success in a sales or service role in your call center.

What Does Contact Center Simulator™ Do?

  • Helps reduce turnover and increase performance
  • Assesses a candidate’s ability to perform a wide range of job-related tasks
  • Reduces the learning curve
  • Helps to consistently target top performers
  • Speeds up the on-boarding process
  • Is a customizable, online 24/7 interface

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Online Employee Screening for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Screen 2.0™ – Hospitality Candidate Screening Tool

The Hospitality Screen™ combines the benefits of the detailed reporting commonly found in our psychometric profiling tools with an employment screening test.

Use Hospitality Screen™ to:

  • Gain insight into the strengths of individuals seeking positions in “front of house”, “back of house”, or other roles in the hospitality sector
  • Identify and understand personal strengths
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Generate a report with interview suggestions, retention strategies, matching considerations, and more

This allows managers recruiting hospitality employees to screen and select in one simple and economical step. This assessments will also help managers coach their people more effectively.

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Contact Center Screen 2.0™ – Call Center Screening Tool

Developed by a team of contact center industry experts, the screening report will provide an indication of where an individual will fit in either a customer service role or a role that includes some upsell or cross-sell requirements.

Use Contact Center Screen 2.0™ to:

  • Determine which candidates are likely to succeed in a contact center environment

Clients that use the Contact Center Screen 2.0™ improve the flow of quality candidates and make better hiring decisions, impacting retention and performance.

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Online Employee Screening for the Service Industry

Service Screen™ – Customer Service Candidate Screening Tool

Customized to meet the unique needs of the service industry, the Service Screen™ provides an efficient and economical solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high volume of recruits for service-related roles.

Use Service Screen™ to:

  • Predict performance
  • Integrate psychometric profiling and structured interviews into the selection process
  • Screen candidates based on fit with various service roles

The process can be built into any existing recruitment process. Benefits include: increased candidate flow, reduced time to hire, and better hiring decisions that impact the organization’s bottom line.

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Online Employee Screening for the Banking Industry

CSR Simulation™ – Pre-Screen Retail Banking Candidates

The CSR Simulator™ is a cost-effective simulation tool that helps evaluate a candidate’s hard skills and competencies.

Through this simulation program, financial institutions make better hiring decisions and select candidates who are more likely to stay, perform, and deliver results in the retail banking environment.

What Does the CSR Simulator™ Assess?

  • Computer navigation skills
  • Keyboard efficiency, speed, and accuracy
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Listening and memory skills
  • Reading skills
  • Mathematical accuracy and competency
  • Working memory
  • Cognitive problem solving
  • Understanding of customer needs
  • Procedural compliance
  • Integrity
  • Comfort with sales

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Online Employee Screening for the Retail Industry

Retail Simulation™ – Pre-Screen Retail Professional Candidates

A virtual assessment of retail professionals, the Retail Simulation POP™ provides pre‐hire testing to the retail market.

Use the Retail Simulation POP™ to

  • Test a candidate on the hard skills required to work in a retail environment
  • Measure how well the candidate can greet a customer, use a computer, perform basic math, and handle typical in‐store situations

This process allows hiring managers to increase candidate flow, reduce time to hire, and make better hiring decisions.

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Online Employee Screening for the Supply Chain Sector

Labour Screen™ – Labour Screening Tool

The Labour Screen™ is an innovative screen focused on recruiting for the supply chain sector.

Use Labour Screen™ to:

  • Assess a candidate’s potential and fit
  • Gain insight into a candidate’s training requirements
  • Identify high performing candidates
  • This proprietary, online screening system helps companies to increase candidate flow around the clock.

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**A more comprehensive assessment of the key characteristics that lead to an individual’s entrepreneurial success is available through the full, Self Employment Assessments™.

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