Without a doubt social media is one of the most popular forms of communication today, especially with regards to employment opportunities. You can search almost anyone on sites such as LinkedIn and be able to find their entire employment history. However, it can be hard to determine what is embellished and in many cases entirely inaccurate. As a result, the use of this information in making any selection/de-selection decisions is fraught with the same inaccuracies, ultimately rendering them ineffective. These are the same pitfalls that have stunted the excitement and adoption of AI screening tools that were all the rage 5 years ago.

With over 43 years of experience, Self Management Group devised a way of empirically and seamlessly assessing key demographic attributes within an existing validated psychometric assessment tool. This integrated approach creates a more robust ideal candidate profile, while placing validity and reliability at the forefront of the data collection process. By doing so, the process returns the predictive power to these demographic qualities, ensuring they align with future retention and performance KPIs.

Creating a validated demographic profile allows organizations to become extremely strategic and effective in their recruiting practices. Firstly, it allows them to become more targeted in their recruitment efforts which maximizes the return while minimizing crucial human resources. These demographic insights are critical for marketers to build the proper career propositions aimed at attracting the right types of candidates. Human resources can look at where the candidates are applying from and gear their marketing towards the most beneficial areas. Secondly, it creates a validated screening system, that allows recruiters to empirically rank order candidates so they can spend their valuable time and resources on the candidates with the highest probability for success. This is especially important in high volume recruiting environments.

Below is a list of some of the key attributes our research has uncovered for top predictors in competitive / results-oriented positions:

  • Currently Employed
  • Warm Referred
  • Previous Experience In A Similar Results-Oriented Environment
  • Competitive Athlete
  • Leadership Role In Either Sports Or Social Club
  • Worked While At School


Below are outcomes associated with including a validated demographic scorecard to the already predictive POP™ assessment:

  • 300% increase in the attraction of quality candidates
  • 790% increase in quality hires
  • 20% increase in first year retention
  • $8,380,000 increase in first year sales among new hires
  • Including this component adds 10% predictive power to the POP™ score


Self Management Group has a 43 year track record of helping some of the world’s largest companies attract, select and retain top talent. If you are interested in learning more about how our assessment tools create a more reliable & validated hiring process, please contact us at 416.746.0444 or