Retaining Top Talent Through Objective Career Management by Chris Gee, PhD

Our previous blog highlighted the important role that career management advice can play in the attraction and conversion of top quality candidates. The same advice rings true when trying to retain and engage the top talent that you already have. This blog will discuss how to properly implement an internal Career Management strategy, aimed at supporting and developing the company’s current top talent.

In the current talent landscape, with everyone seemingly struggling to attract external candidates, existing top talent might be your most valuable resource. Consequently, it is imperative to invest and nurture this talent, so that they too don’t fall victim to the trends of “Quiet Quitting” and “The Great Resignation”. One such strategy is to employ an objective Career Management initiative, whereby employees complete an objective psychometric assessment like the CareerManagementPOP™. The information gathered through this initiative can be strategically leveraged in a number of important ways.

First, the employee themselves gets a full report highlighting all of their strengths and career interests. These strengths are then benchmarked against a number of career families and roles, providing them with a wealth of information about the types of opportunities that best align with their natural disposition. As self-awareness is the starting point of any learning opportunity, this information alone is invaluable.

Second, the organization receives critical information about who has the natural potential to succeed upwardly, ensuring that the right people are being “tapped on the shoulder”. This is important because it could be detrimental to a company if a great employee is disrupted by moving them to a position that is not natural to their abilities, especially when it comes to managerial positions. The same information can also be used for career pathing purposes, ensuring that employees are moved into roles that align with their strengths, ensuring success and employee engagement. There is no greater feeling than that of being a perfect match for role. Feelings of mastery and alignment are at the center of employee engagement and satisfaction.

And finally, the information can be used immediately for coaching and development purposes. By fundamentally understanding an employee’s natural dispositions, managers and coaches can customize their approaches to better align with these preferences. Doing so will build stronger professional relationships and will dramatically improve the quality of the development process making for a better overall experience for your employees and company culture. Interpersonal understanding is a crucial element of effective coaching, which is exactly what the information contained in the CMP™ report provides.

Proactively investing in your current top talent is more important than ever, as replacing them with external talent is currently impossible. Employees are every company’s most valuable resource, and it is critical to treat them as such.

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