The Benefit of Targeted Recruiting by Chris Gee, PhD

Most companies’ attraction and recruitment strategies can be best categorized as “spray and pray”. In other words, they spray a career opportunity all over popular job boards or aggregators with the hopes the posting is seen by as many eyes as possible, and then pray the right candidates will apply. Not only does this passive approach to recruitment provide a low ROI, it also requires substantial human resources to parse and process the candidate pool to hopefully identify quality candidates.

This begs the question:  If your career opportunity isn’t for everyone, why waste your time and resources recruiting in a way that implies it is?

Self Management Group’s (SMG) 44 years of experience in the Talent Management space has led to one key market differentiator: our ability to predict employee performance and retentionWe do this by becoming a trusted integrated partner with our clients, and by using our tools, analytics and insights to create a data-supported “best practices” recruitment strategy, that directly influences these key talent KPIs (i.e., employee performance and retention).

SMG’s ability to predict employee performance and retention, to generate a significant ROI for our clients, is centered around our ability to create a holistic ideal candidate profile. Using our services, our clients learn:

  1. What their best sourcing options are for top performers
  2. What industries or companies their top performers came from
  3. What attributes or competencies are consistent among their top performers
  4. What common demographic or experiential factors are consistent among top performers
  5. How to convert quality recruits into top performers

With this information, SMG clients can take a targeted approach to recruitment, by placing ads with the right messaging in the right places, , in order to attract the right types of candidates.                                                                                                                                                                              Using this data driven and targeted recruitment approach, one SMG client experienced the following outcomes:

  1. 39% increase in quality recruits (e.g., candidates who possess same traits and qualities as existing top performers)
  2. Conversion rate of top performers that is 200% higher than the industry average
  3. 12% lift in 12 Month Retention
  4. 78% increase in average sales rep production at Year 1

By taking a targeted quality-driven recruitment approach, over a passive quantity-oriented strategy, this client was able to generate the same annual sales production, with half as many sales reps.

The ROI associated with targeted recruitment looks like this:

Attract More Ideal Candidates — Hire More Ideal Employees = Increase Performance & Retention

Let SMG help you Target Recruit by becoming your trusted Talent Management Partner.  Contact us at