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Self Management is the #1 competency of top performers.

For over 35 years, SMG has offered programs to all levels of organizations, from entry level employees to managers and executives. We offer programs for individuals, coaches, and leaders.

Our Training Programs

Principles of Self Management

The Principles of Self Management training helps people become even more effective self-managers of their careers, family, health, personal, and professional relationships.

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Managing Effort: Getting Results

The Managing Effort: Getting Results program provides leaders with the fundamental skills needed to create high performing, self-managed individuals and cultures.

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Personal Effectiveness – Develop Yourself

Personal effectiveness is the key to success and to a fulfilling life. Our approach shows the individual how to recognize and build on their strengths to increase self-confidence, set higher expectations, and improve performance. Participants will learn how to make decisions, the power of self-commitment, and the five-step self-management system.

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Leadership – Develop Your Organization

Create a high performance culture that increases empowerment and proactive behavior and where potential self-managers grow and flourish. Leaders grow through increased self-awareness of leadership style, strengths, and growth opportunities. This program promotes and reinforces organizational growth by setting a clear purpose and vision, developing the people, and establishing key processes.

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Team Building – Develop Your Team

Improve performance and results through more effective team work. Building effective teams starts with the right people and involves establishing the performance challenge, expectations around trust, respect, and communications as well how we support and reinforce each other.  Our focus on self-awareness, team-awareness, and individual competence allows the team to build on the complementary strengths of its individual members.

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Sustaining Performance – Making Habits Habitual

Most training programs are effective at teaching skills and competencies but struggle with the issue of “How to make the training stick” or “How to get the participants to use their new skills”. This program is based on over 30 years of experience in helping individuals implement new habits into their daily experiences and subsequently increase and sustain performance. As a result, this is an essential complement to all existing and future training programs.

Making Habits Habitual is a proven strategy to maximize the ROI on your training budget. Our proprietary 6 level application of reinforcement theory unlocks the key to making habits habitual.

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Practice Management Division – Planning for Growth

A leader in helping financial institutions around the world and with over 30 years of experience, Self Management Group introduces its new Practice Management Division. The division’s main focus is to help field leaders enhance productivity, profitability, and career development through ongoing consulting, programs, tools, and resources.

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Attracting High Quality Candidates – Building a Recruiting Pipeline

This “Best Practices” workshop focuses exclusively on the attraction of high quality candidates. All participants will be introduced to the latest strategies used by top recruiting organizations including cold, warm, and hot sources. The workshop will present effective case studies with actual results that will allow participants to develop their own proven recruiting action plan.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the program is putting “Action into Your Action Plan”. Most programs end with the Action Plan whereas this program introduces our proprietary “Making Recruiting Habits Habitual” component to ensure implementation of the plan.

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Diversity Recruiting Certification Workshop

Research shows that highly diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams. Investing in diversity and inclusion can help your business improve employee engagement, innovation, and productivity.

Our workshop trains recruiters to source and assess candidates to build a diverse workforce and build diverse pipelines to create a solid succession planning system.

In addition to the workshop itself, this program includes:

  • A cultural competence assessment
  • D&I toolkit
  • A personalized implementation action plan for each topic area

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To learn more or sign up for these programs contact Robert Dougan, Director-Practice Management at SMG.

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