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Self Management is the #1 competency of top performers.

For over 35 years, SMG has offered programs to all levels of organizations, from entry level employees to managers and executives. We offer programs for individuals, coaches, and leaders.

Our Training Programs

Principles of Self Management

The Principles of Self Management training helps people become even more effective self-managers of their careers, family, health, personal, and professional relationships.

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Managing Effort: Getting Results

The Managing Effort: Getting Results program provides leaders with the fundamental skills needed to create high performing, self-managed individuals and cultures.

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Professional Longevity Under Stress

Professional Longevity Under Stress (PLUS) is a highly interactive stress management program whereby each individual creates and builds their own program based on our proprietary “D.E.L.I.”approach. Through the workshop, each participant will be introduced to over 100 stress management techniques.

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To learn more or sign up for these programs contact Robert Dougan, Director-Practice Management at SMG.

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