SMG Announces Partnership With Senseloaf To Revolutionize Talent Acquisition With AI

[TORONTO, May 24, 2024] – Self Management Group (SMG), an innovator in talent acquisition, is thrilled to announce TalentNest AI a groundbreaking recruiting solution in its partnership with Senseloaf, a pioneer in AI technology. This collaborative effort aims to revolutionize the recruitment landscape by providing businesses with a powerful and efficient solution for identifying, engaging, and hiring top talent.

SMG is a leader in predictive talent acquisition and management – the company has now expanded its offerings, integrating Senseloaf’s AI recruiting technology into its TalentNest ATS platform.

This move allows businesses to access the advanced capabilities of an integrated AI solution, providing a new level of flexibility and customization in their talent acquisition strategies.

This collaboration transforms the way organizations identify and acquire exceptional candidates. By deconstructing the traditional recruitment process and integrating AI with SMG’s predictive POP assessments, TalentNest AI enhances both efficiency and effectiveness in the recruitment process, ensuring that businesses can find the best talent quickly and accurately.

Areas we’ll impact:

  • Increased Speed and Efficiency: Organizations can now identify, engage, and hire top talent up to 50-70% faster than traditional methods
  • Enhanced Effectiveness and Predictability: Combining SMG’s POP assessment data with the Senseloaf AI candidate screening, results in a scientifically validated increase in selection accuracy.
  • Wider Candidate Pool: TalentNest AI enables a broader candidate reach and a more diverse range of candidates. This results in a more comprehensive talent pool, giving you a higher likelihood of finding the perfect match for your requirements.

“It’s an exciting collaboration. SMG combines its deep expertise in talent attraction and selection with a passion for leveraging technology to enhance recruiter efficiency and effectiveness. With this move, we will be making a significant stride toward building predictability and retention during the hiring process. Combining Senseloaf’s cutting-edge AI technology with SMG’s decades of predictive selection knowledge, we are poised to revolutionize how businesses approach talent acquisition.”

– Prakhar Agrawal, CEO,

“We are thrilled to partner with Senseloaf on this innovative endeavor. True productivity is not just about speed but also accuracy. Our partnership will take TalentNest AI beyond simple AI screening; it predicts and selects, providing recruiters with a shortlist of top-quality candidates and a predictive snapshot of their future potential. Recruiters can now leverage predictive science to complement their knowledge and experience, enabling them to identify, target, and hire higher-quality talent.”

– John Marshall, President, Self Management Group

SMG and Senseloaf are excited about this new endeavor’s transformative potential for the recruitment industry. This stands as a testament to the commitment to innovation and excellence in helping businesses build high-performing teams.

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About SMG:

Self Management Group is a leader in talent acquisition servicing over 3,500 companies in over 40 countries. SMG is known for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiters by providing the tools and training necessary to make predictive hiring decisions that predict performance and retention.

About Senseloaf:

Senseloaf is at the forefront of AI technology, specializing in embedded AI solutions that enhance and streamline talent acquisition processes. The company’s unique AI architecture is designed to optimize the recruitment life cycle, making it faster, more efficient, and tailored to each client’s needs.