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POPTM Assessments

Predict Performance and

Assess, engage, train, and develop talent through validated assessments that provide a holistic view of each candidate's capabilities and potential.

Our Science

Actionable Talent Insights for
Performance Prediction

Leveraging actionable insights from over 40 years of experience and proprietary science, we meticulously validate our assessments for fairness, objectivity, and predictive accuracy in job performance, retention, and overall on-job success

Sales Selection

Target, Recruit, and Retain
Top Performers

Leverage the advance talent analytics of the POP™ to hire and retain top sales professionals. Develop your sales team’s resilience and productivity with predictive talent insights.

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Our team is committed to offer unparalleled support and partnership throughout your talent acquisition journey.

“IG has a long-standing relationship with the SMG. For over 25 years, SMG's scientific approach has been vital in enhancing our team's decision-making, ensuring we choose the right candidates crucial for our business success.”
IG Wealth Management
Brent Allen
Head of Strategy and Business Operations
“Incorporating the POPTM into our hiring process has significantly enhanced our agent quality and boosted first-year retention. The predictive assessments, coupled with SMG's exemplary training and support, have elevated our new agent standards.”
Knights of Columbus
Patrick Brumley
Director of Manpower Recruiting
“The POPTM has proven to be unparalleled in ensuring candidates are paired perfectly with our client's management, culture, and needs. Their predictive accuracy and reliability surpass other assessments I've encountered in my career.”
SmartWork Assessments
Jane Allen

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