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Our clients benefit from our dynamic network of recruitment, consulting, alliance, and distribution partners. These organizations are leaders in their respective fields and work as an extension of our team.

Self Management Group partners extend our ability to develop highly committed, self-managed, high performance cultures.

For more than 35 years, we have been producing measurable business results and we have taken great care in selecting only those partners that are as committed as we are to surpassing our clients’ expectations.

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Above + Beyond

Above + Beyond is a Management Consulting firm focused on the transformation of individuals and organizations globally. We specialize in team-building, leadership development, organizational change efforts, strategic planning, and partnering processes. Our data-driven approach to consulting, classroom training, and talent management has been developed over 20 years and has helped our clients nurture a dynamic culture, great leadership, and engaged employees. The result – exceptional differentiation designed to build customer loyalty and drive sustainable growth.

Career Sherpa

Career Sherpa is an online assessment that helps students applying for university or college make more informed decisions when selecting their post-secondary education options. The detail, practicality, and scientific veracity of the product goes way beyond traditional aptitude type tests offered by the education system. It delivers an experience more comparable to assessments offered by private career consultants at a fraction of the cost.

Elevate Consulting Group

Elevate Consulting Group provides a broad range of HR services covering executive search, assessment, profiling, and strategic resources planning and development.

Glem Dias & Associates

Glem Dias & Associates is a Leadership & Inclusion Strategy practice that has a year track record of making a bottom line impact in sustaining and growing organizations on a global basis. We offer end to end solutions to build and execute an inclusive talent strategy that enables you to execute your business strategy by building a robust leadership and talent pipeline. The methodology, framework, programs and tools offered have been developed over 20 years and have been considered best in class and recognized with over ten industry awards.


JansenHR is a full service human resources and leadership consulting company specializing in helping businesses realize their potential by providing customized talent management solutions. If your business is looking to attract the right people, retain top performers, develop leaders, improve organizational performance, build high performing teams, and create a workplace culture where employees are engaged and committed, JansenHR can help. Combining direct, first-hand leadership experience with industry best practice research makes JansenHR the preferred choice for the people-side of your business.

Legacy Bowes Group

Legacy Bowes Group helps companies hire the best person for a position in today’s competitive marketplace.They assist your business in accessing more people, and more importantly, the right people who have the skills and experience necessary to succeed.

Management Executive Training Institute of Canada

Management Executive Training Institute of Canada is a leading training company with experience of delivering a broad range of interpersonal skills, leadership, sales, and people management training for participants at operative to senior management level in a wide range of industries and sectors.

Optimal Consulting Group

Optimal Consulting Group helps organization worldwide to meet current and future business challenges and to forge competitive edge by devising workforce solutions that align talent with their vision, culture and strategy. We deliver comprehensive consulting services aimed at transforming talent into strategic impact and translating organizational strategy into success. Headquartered in Singapore, with physical offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Japan, we operate throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond, bringing multi-lingual capabitilies supporting clients ranging over a variety of enterprises, from domestic to multi-national, across various industries.

Parker Management Consulting Inc.

Parker Management Consulting Inc. (PMC Inc.) is a full service management consulting company dedicated to providing quality services to private, non-profit, and public sector organizations in Canada and around the world.

Peak Performance Solutions

Peak Performance Solutions is a professional development and business training company that specializes in sales, customer service, management, and HR professionals. The team of seasoned professionals at Peak Performance Solutions can create strategic solutions for clients by offering a breadth and depth of training, motivational programs, and tools that are proven to move individuals to action.

People First HR Services

People First HR Services Ltd. is one of Manitoba’s largest full service human resource providers. Their comprehensive approach results in strategically-aligned solutions customized to meet the changing needs of your organization. They deliver high quality leadership and organizational solutions for recruitment, career transition, and organizational effectiveness.


Founded in 1999, ProDirect is a sales training and coaching company dedicated to helping companies leverage their sales talent. The firm blends sales training, business development tools, and real world coaching to help clients achieve results they can feel. Based in Princeton, NJ, ProDirect serves clients in the Global 2000.

Robert Coppenrath& Associates

Robert Coppenrath& Associates has been helping companies develop and optimize their human resource management processes since 1977. Their programmes employ the latest services, methods, and tools, enabling organizations to effectively meet the challenges of an increasingly complex work environment.

Sales for Life

Sales for Life ispassionate about peak performance in one of the oldest professions known to mankind – SALES. Their foundation is built by sales professionals who have personally sold millions to North America’s top start-up companies, right through to the Fortune 100s. They provide guidance, tools,and services to further promote sales excellence for their clients.

Smart Work Network

Smart Work Network enhances the Self Management Group’s science of selection with proprietary search and matching tools representing a “step change” in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). It no longer makes sense for a company to do it themselves when a mistake in hiring can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

STAR Results

STAR Results is a sales leadership consulting, training, and coaching organization dedicated to leadership development. Their mission is to inspire sales leaders, managers, and sales people to achieve their full potential.

TalentID Leaders

TalentID Leaders is a boutique consulting organisation that assists it’s clients to identify, source and develop leaders of the highest capacity. We believe that extraordinary leadership provides the ultimate competitive advantage and we work with clients across multiple industry sectors to recruit and develop high performance teams and shape exceptional leaders.

ThinkSales Corporation

ThinkSales Corporation is the first southern African media and solutions provider to focus squarely on meeting the needs of sales leaders – Sales Directors, Sales Managers, CEOs, and GMs. ThinkSales provides a host of tools to assist leaders in building stronger sales organizations.

Thomas-Ritt Associates Limited

Thomas-Ritt Associatesbring years of successful corporate experience to their executive coaching service, as well as a range of support tools and techniques to help you achieve measurable results.Executive coaching can help leaders and managers move their careers ahead, increase their personal satisfaction, improve team effectiveness, and stimulate revenue generation.

Workplace Engagement Insights

Workplace Engagement Insights provides and administers quantitative, actionable surveys that measure employee engagement using best practices and the latest research. Using your survey results, they can help you build a plan – focused on accountability and leadership – that will create a high performance culture within your organization.

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